Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fragrant Eyecandy: Felted Perfume Bottles

My Blooming Bottle Cozy signifies two things unique to natural perfumes:

  • First, natural perfume "blooms" on your skin when it reacts with your personal chemistry, and it phases like a symphony through opening, heart & end notes. 
  • Secondly, the perfume ages like a fine wine, blossoming into an even more gorgeous experience. Presented in my handmade blossom cozy, individually & uniquely made of felted longfiber wool to perfectly fit the bottle.

My bottle cozy serves also to help shield your perfume from direct light, so it remains potent and continues to "bloom" as it gradually ages.

Each unique Blooming Bottle cozy is made by hand, meaning each one will vary slightly. The bottle is reusable (refillable.)

For the sheer whimsy of it, I designed these vanity bottle caps: