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My 100% natural perfumes are composed of pure essential oils blended in a skin-loving, nutrient-rich base of grapeseed, coconut and jojoba oils. Highly concentrated and very different from commercial designer perfumes, the scents appeal to those who adore nature and appreciate the healing & spiritual qualities inherent in plants. Many find them heady, powerful and quite rich compared to synthetic fragrances. Modern consumers are very conditioned to expect certain things from the mass-produced products they’re familiar with, and are often confused by or put off of natural products for the earthiness inherent in organic botanicals. To my senses, natural EO perfumes are deliciously earthy, grounded, rich, quiet, fascinating and deeply sensual.

Natural EO blends will appeal to those who enjoy how the perfume interacts uniquely with their personal body chemistry, and who appreciate both the evocative and medicinal-healing aspect of the natural plant-derived aromas. If properly balanced through the opening, mid and bottom notes, the aromas will unfold through the drydown phase just as commercial perfumes do, and will often last on the skin for many hours despite containing no chemical fixatives. Where they contrast from commercial perfumes is in the transitions between each phase, simply because there are only a very few botanical bridge notes versus numerous synthetic bridge notes available to commercial perfume makers.

There are many botanicals that are expensive to distill into essential oil. Some require enormous, mass quantities of flower petals, and others are derived from delicate or expensive species. Thus, natural perfume is a true luxury that is reflected in the pricing.

My Natural EO blends are100% free of synthetic ingredients, chemical preservatives and alcohol.

Your skin will absorb what you put on it, so it is wise to understand what poses a risk and what does not. Many chemicals are risk-free for the majority of people while others are clearly to be avoided. There is much to understand about which ones are safe and which ones are controversial. For most of us who prefer not to have to conduct extensive research about perfume ingredients, my Natural EO blends are a good, simple, straight forward safe alternative.

Perfume makers, both commercial and artisanal, use the term "fragrance" to denote synthetic aromas. Synthetic, to some, is an entirely nasty word, but when you study the topic more deeply, you'll learn that's not always a fair assessment because many laboratory-derived products are made conscientiously and for very good reason. Some of these reasons include issues of humane treatment of animals and conservation of the environment and species.

Many of us enjoy certain commercial perfumes composed of both essential oils and synthetic substances, including bridge notes that provide smoother transitions between the drydown phases. Compared to EO Natural perfumes, commercial perfumes often smell crisp, fey, whimsical, modern, impersonal, urban, usually polite & refined. For those who prefer modern designer fragrances, I offer my own cleaned-up versions in my Etsy shop, Perfumessence, made with mostly natural ingredients enhanced with some trace bridge notes of eco-conscious, phtahlate-free synthetics. Again, the reason for the trace additives of non-toxic synthetics is to more closely replicate modern perfumes.

To sum it up, you have choices! For everyday use, my own choice is the 100% clean, pure botanicals.  For special occasions, I often go with the cleaned-up designer-inspired versions that contain tiny traces of synthetics.  For me, this works and I'm not one to preach to others or stand in judgment -- we all must decide for ourselves.  It is good to arm ourselves with enough knowledge to make good choices, and I'm pleased to present options that appeal to a wide range of preferences.

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