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These are some clean, non-lethal beauty products I use and love. I've gradually weeded out most of the toxic products from my arsenal of make-up, body and hair products, nail color, and moisturizers. Realizing that our skin absorbs what touches it, it makes sense to me to reduce opportunities to contaminate my system with harmful substances. 

In no particular order, the products shown in the photo include:

NAIL POLISH by Zoya.  It comes in a great range of colors, glides on as well as any polish I've ever used, but lasts far far longer without chipping than any nail polish I've ever tried.  Best of all, it contains no formaldehyde or toluene.  I cannot rave enough about it. Pricey and worth every penny.

VITAMIN C SERUM:  John Masters is my favorite. I apply it to my skin in the morning, after splashing my face with water (see below for my face washing routine.)  I let it absorb awhile before applying the protective sunscreen/daytime moisturizer.  (If you google C Serum, you'll learn not only why this is important to use but you'll see you can concoct your own. I've tried the DIY approach and it's not for me, but you may prefer it.)

DAYTIME Moisturizer & Natural Sunscreen:  My favorite is the Ann Webb shown in the tube, and I also like the John Masters Suncare product.  Ann Webb's disappears better and leaves no whitish zinc effect once it absorbs.  The John Masters feels a little greasier at first, but that settles down, and any whitish residue is covered by my mineral makeup.

MINERAL FOUNDATION & Makeup Powders:  I've tried Bare Minerals loose powders, which are fine, but there are others on the market that I'm also liking.  I like the Mineral Fusion pressed powder because it covers a little better if I apply it with a make-up sponge.  I use a lavender hydrosol or just distilled water spray after applying any of these powdery mineral products, to get rid of the overly matte look of the powder and liven up the effect.

HAIR SHAMPOO:  There are a number of pretty clean (reduced chemical) shampoos, many of which are found at Wholefoods.  I like the Aubrey, but am always willing to try others.

BODY MOISTURIZER:  While my skin is still wet after a shower, I rub a small amount of organic fractionated (odorless) coconut oil all over before drying off.  Simple, perfect, safe.

DEODORANT:  The Lavanila product is by far the most effective, long lasting, most skin-friendly gentle deodorant I've ever used.  It is not an anti-perspirant.  It smells great, glides on smoothly, leaves no residue, and is clean and non-toxic.  Very pricey, too.

SEABUCKTHORN OILS:  I use the Sibu seed oil (pricey) and the imported berry oil (can be found on Amazon, not too badly priced.)  The seed oil is a super-effective way to treat irritated skin, and the berry oil is also effective but less potent.  I love the seed oil for my face, and use it along with my nightly RetinA to prevent drying or irritation.  The berry oil is wonderful for the body, and nice on the face for moisturizing and extra protection.  Google it -- you'll find Dr. Oz is a fan and there are some credible articles about this product.

First, the background:  I've avoided harsh soap on my face since I was in my twenties. After the first month of use, what I thought was my oily skin became my perfectly balanced skin. I learned that by trying to de-oil my face, I was causing the sebaceous glands to fight back by producing ever more oil.  That battle was over once I stopped trying to dry my skin out with soap and drying topicals.

Those who know me and know my age cannot believe my skin.  Instead of soap, I cleanse with light oils which melt away makeup and draw dirt and build-up in the pores, then I wipe most of the oil off with a very soft cloth, and finally splash with lots of warm water.   *I don't use any additional moisturizer on my skin.  At night, after cleansing, I apply a little Seabuckthorn seed oil and a pea-size blob of RetinA to my face.

My Oil Face Cleanser:  I made my own blend of oils, using about 25% percent caster oil and 75% organic sunflower or coconut oil. I mix up about 4-6 ounces at a time, so that it gets used up before it goes stale. (My main bottle of sunflower oil lives in the fridge to keep it fresh.)  *If you need more moisture than I do, increase the caster oil to approx. 30-40 percent of the blend.   If you currently suffer from breakouts or acne, google "oil skin cleanser"  to see why it will very likely help you, and I cannot encourage you enough to get started with RetinA, not just for acne but for anti-aging/anti-wrinkling. 

Cleansing with oil will not throw off your skin pH the way soap and chemical cleansers do, so you won't need a toner to restore proper pH. 
HAIR SMOOTHER:  Pure organic argan oil -- a tiny amount goes a very long way.  I add some lavender essential oil to mine. I dislike the commercial Moroccan Oils that contain some argan oil along with various toxic fragrance and other nasties.  Just find a good Indian grocer or, if you like spending tons of money, go to Wholefoods, and buy yourself a bottle. 

SCALP RUB:  In winter if my scalp feels dry, I mix some coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree & rosemary essential oils, and apply it before going to bed.  I wash it out in the morning. Simple, effective, and non-toxic.

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